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Freedom Basic for Android OS Terrain View Sectional View Low Enroute View Approach Plate on Moving Map Approach Plate Night View Terrain with toolbar hidden Cones of Safety®
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Freedom Basic for Android OS

Freedom Basic for Android OS
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Only Anywhere Map
Anywhere Map® is more than just another pretty chart viewer. Anywhere Map is a personal Flight Management System (FMS) that enhances your safety and efficiency as a pilot, giving you the full time tools you need to stay ahead of the aircraft and manage the tasks of being Pilot-In-Command.

Anywhere Map is an outstanding aviation moving map and includes seamless digital sectional and enroute charts – along with vector based map elements like airports, VORs, fixes, airways, SUA and airspaces, and a host of other features. Our Ultra TAWS technology includes an incredibly detailed terrain elevation map, which can show shaded terrain or brightly colored "TAWS"-style graphical terrain warnings. This terrain information can be overlaid on vector, sectional, or enroute chart backgrounds.

list Full list of Anywhere Map Freedom Features

Our Personal Digital Co-Pilot® system keeps track of radio towers and other obstacles and will clearly highlight these, giving warning when they pose a threat. Reminders are provided for fuel tank changes, time to descend, and many other routine activities.

Unlike most chart viewers, Anywhere Map gives you the option of track up operation OR north up. Track up operation insures that what you see on the map matches the view out the windshield. The power of Android ensures a nearly instantaneous response of the app, and a very fast real-time update rate.

Cones of SafetyOur patented Cones of Safety® shows the "safe" region around each airport based on the glide ratio of your aircraft. The flight planning page allows for fuel estimation and the easy editing of multi-leg flight plans.

The Virtual Glideslope automatically pops up as the destination is neared, giving effortless guidance to a three degree glideslope to any of the tens of thousands of runways in the database. As the destination airport is approached, a recommended descent rate automatically appears on the screen to make a perfectly planned arrival at pattern altitude a no-brainer.

Anywhere Map NEVER makes you pay extra for "geo-referenced" charts – we pioneered geo-referencing and all our products are ALWAYS geo-referenced!

Our full airport directory takes the guesswork out of what the facility has to offer. In addition to north up or track up mode, the map can be displayed in night mode which greatly reduces the glare from a white screen.

Weather features supported include the NOAA weather graphics, which can be saved and viewed even when the internet isn't immediately available; and our Anywhere Link™ weather server provides real time METAR, TAF, and NexRad radar imagery that can be downloaded, buffered, and overlaid on the map an airport information screens. Temporary flight restrictions and special flight rules areas are easily downloaded preflight and depicted graphically on the moving map.

The purchase includes a full year of geo-referenced map data. All aeronautical data can be updated via the internet.

Notable Features include:
Patented Cones of Safety®
Personal Digital Co-pilot® with

  • Obstacle warnings
  • Vertical Navigation

Versatile display options

  • North up or Track up operation
  • Day or night mode
  • Vector or raster sectional or enroute basemaps
  • Extremely fast update rate, typically faster than 10 updates per second.
  • Nautical miles and/or Statute Miles
  • Time and distance to waypoint
  • Dual flight timer AND elapsed timer.

Vertical Navigation

  • Virtual Glideslope (Virtual ILS) to any runway
  • Extensive Vertical Guidance (VNAV)

High resolution "Ultra TAWS" Topographic maps with "red above" TAWS presentation that can be overlaid on any basemap.
Weather, TFRs and SFRs can be downloaded before flight and are presented graphically on the screen.

Please check the compatiblity tab for your device.

* Features of this product are protected under US Patent number 6,804,585. Other patents may be pending.
Classic terrain User selectable onscreen aircraft icon HSI HSI with sectional chart overlay HSI with approach plate overlay
Red TAWS warning Landscape orientation Night mode Classic terrain Sectional chart
Night mode Obstacle warning Sectional chart Low enroute chart Classic terrain Night mode with patented Cones of Safety

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NOTE: Unstable operation is always a sign of insufficient system memory. We recommend 512MB RAM, and it's essential that at least 100mb of that be free. Android devices tend to accumulate numerous background tasks running and using up system memory. If you experience unstable operation, check your system available RAM, and purge these background apps.

Anywhere Map Freedom has been tested on the following Tablets:
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.2
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7
Asus Transformer Prime
Motorola Droid XYBoard
Google Nexus 7

HTC Thunderbolt

Recommended minimum system:
Android version 2.2.3 or greater
Screen resolution 1024 X 600 or greater
Processor 1.0ghz Dual core or faster
Available Flash Storage 8GB or greater
RAM 512MB or greater

Version 1.0.113A is not currently recommended for HD-type screens. HD screen support will be added in the next update of the software.

Note: Due to great variations in the many devices running the Android operating system, we cannot guarantee compatibility with all makes and models of Android devices.

If your specific device is not included in the above list, please download our free 14-day trial to check for compatibility.


Universal Smart Phone Battery Pack

Capacitive Stylus

2-Way Power Splitter



Q: I have an ATC (or Quadra) and I want to purchase Anywhere Map Freedom for my iPad. Will my LifeTime subscription for my ATC transfer to the iPad?
A: Yes. Your LifeTime subscription may be transferred to a new device for a fee. Please contact our Sales department and read our Terms and Conditions for more detail.


Q: I've heard the FAA plans on charging pilots for digital charts no matter how or where they buy them. When is that happening and how is that going to be handled?
A: Well, no one knows WHEN the FAA is planning to implement these changes--it's moving at the speed of government. But when the FAA implements their "user fee/use tax" on digital chart delivery, the pilot will be responsible for whatever that charge may be. At this time, the FAA projects it to be in the range of $15 for the typical VFR pilot and $40 for the typical IFR pilot. This is only an estimation based on the many meetings that have occurred throughout the industry over the past several months and should not be construed as a final decision.


Q: Can the app be used outside of the United States?
A: While the app is mainly for use in the United States, the map data does have limited use in Canada and into Mexico and the Caribbean ONLY. Specifically, we include high-resolution terrain data up to 60 degrees of latitude, but do not have chart coverage into either country except what is visible on the US Charts.

We do not currently support any type of coverage in South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa or Antarctica.


Q: When I zoom out beyond 50 miles, I can see the edges of the Sectional tiles. Beyond this area the map background is white, but I still see airports and airspaces drawn out there?
A: At the present time, we only show sectionals in a 3 degree wide by 3 degree (of latitude). This is an area that is about 150 miles square. It's impossible to see much detail on the sectionals when they are zoomed out to this range. We will add coverage for zoom ranges beyond 50 miles in May 2012 as part of a routine upgrade. The map has vector data for the entire US and will draw maps of much larger areas, these just don't have sectional "wallpaper" under them at ranges above 50 miles. This will soon be supported!


Q: What common Anywhere Map features are NOT yet available?
A:Our goal with the early releases of Anywhere Map Freedom was to create a version that contains all of our signature features, such as Cones of Safety, red TAWS warnings, and track up mapping. Version 1.0.113A, released in April 2013, leaves only a few significant features still under development. These are: support for XM and ADS-B weather, as well as the display of some surface map features, such as digitally rendered lakes and state lines. These surface features ARE clearly shown on the sectional charts.


Q: Are there any features in Freedom that are NOT found in older versions of Anywhere Map?
A: There are many such features. The most obvious feature is the quality of the user interface, which is much nicer than any previous version of Anywhere Map. We also support the display of NOAA weather graphics such as prog and wind charts, which were never included in any earlier version of Anywhere Map. Another unique and new feature is the ability for the HSI needle to automatically snap to the virtual localizer to any runway, allowing for very smooth and precise runway alignment.


Q: What about existing Data Subscriptions? I already have a Lifetime subscription; will it transfer to the new product?
A: Yes, your subscription will move to the new device, BUT you must contact our Sales Department and pay a nominal Platform Change Fee to utilize your Lifetime updates.


Q: Are IAPs/Pocket Plates included in the software?
A: Yes.


Q: How much will the plates add to the cost?
A: The current price includes one full year of software, charts, all the approach plates and database updates. As always the charts and approach plates are all geo-referenced.


Q: Will the software for the iPad and the Android devices be different?
A: There will be small differences between the software platforms – however the major features and user interface will be essentially the same. All of the platforms are written from the same code—when we make a change, it affects all the devices!! We have done a 100% complete re-write of our existing software to accomplish this. The main differences between iPad and Android based apps be evident when there is external hardware involved. The Android environment is much more open and allows for more connectivity to external devices.


Q: Will this support XM WX?
A: It will support XM weather along with ADS-B in the future. This upgrade is planned for summer 2014.


Q: Is the FAA going to ban portable navigation devices in the cockpit?
A: No. A recent FAA draft advisory circular caused some to ask if the FAA wanted to ban all portables. The actual intent was later explained to apply to Part 91 operators, instructing them to confirm that their portable devices don't interfere with the installed aircraft electronics or other systems. This is a check that the regs authorize the pilot in command to perform.


Q: How do I install database updates?
A:You can update databases within the App. An Internet connection is required. The app allows you to download data by region to save updating time and space. The entire database with all the charts for the entire United States require approximately 6GB of storage space on the tablet. This is comparable to a High Definition movie or two. We recommend installing this on an external memory card on Android devices.


Q: Will Anywhere Map work at speeds over 250 MPH?
A: Yes, there are no speed limitations built into the software.


Q: Can I return the software if it doesn't meet my needs?
A: No. Once you have purchased the software, it is yours to keep. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions, found here.


Available for iOS and Android