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Anywhere Map Freedom Function Summary
Version 1.0.100 September 2012

Description: Img_0213.jpg
Approach plate overlay on top of moving map display
North up
North up view of approach plate showing flight plan, HSI, virtual ILS and terrain warning
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Major Features:

  • Track up or North up
  • Day mode or night mode
  • Apple or Android
  • Approach plate on map and/or dedicated approach plate page
  • Raster chart graphics and/or Crisp Digital Vector graphics
  • Patented Cones of Safety®
  • TAWS warning graphics
  • Vertical Navigation with target altitudes
  • Virtual Glideslope / Localizer to any runway endpoint
  • (New!) Track History / Breadcrumbs
  • Unlimited custom “VIEWS” allow for extensive map customization

Aeronautical Database Features:

Surface Map Features

Geo-Referenced Graphical Chart Features

Terminal Procedure Features

Find Nearby Functions:

Internet Based Weather Depictions

Flight Planning & Route Creation

Alerts and Reminders – Personal Digital CoPilot®

Map Screen Display and Formatting Options

Pilot Tools:

We strongly recommend the iPad 2 or the new iPad 3, or the Samsung Galaxy series of Android devices. Android devices must have a dual core processor and at least 512Mb of RAM. iOS devices must be running iOS 6 or higher.